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Ten Commandments of Computing

What are the ten commandments of computing and why should I adhere to them?

Basically as a computing professional, I see all the problems that you will experience during your lifetime of owning a computer. These commandments are to offset the worst of all things that can and will happen to your computer. Failure to heed these commandments is like loading two bullets in a revolver and spinning the chamber. Then you being the only one playing Russian roulette. (It is not a matter of if, but when the chamber fires).

  1. Thou shall always have a good backup. (Daily, Multiple versions, Encrypted, Remote)
    1. Protects from fire, theft, virus, hard drive crash, natural disaster, accidental deletion.
  2. Thou shall always have a paid Antivirus. (Remotely Managed Better).
    1. Now required by law must meet minimums, (Updates Daily, Etc.)
    2. Remotely Managed for employees, or children (who ignore virus warnings).
  3. Thou shall Backup and Filter Your E-Mail. 
    1. Archive: E-mail is no longer a fun toy. We receive bills, legal documents, business quotes, family pictures, notices and private information.
    2. Filter: This is a top way NOT to get a virus, spam, phishing scams.
  4. Thou Shall Protect everything with passwords. And store them somewhere secure.
    1. Financial passwords must always be different than any other.
    2. Social media (Facebook, Twitter) must be separate from any other.
    3. Financial Data, E-mail Data, Password Data should be protected from access even on the machine. (password to open).
  5. Thou shall Click on no link in an e-mail no matter who sent it.
    1. Always go to the website by typing it in browser when possible.
    2. Never give information to anyone especially when they should already have it.
  6. Thou shall not believe any window that pops up while surfing the web.
    1. Only trust popups of your antivirus program which is installed on your computer.
    2. Call your tech and ask if in doubt.
  7. Thou shall not download quick fix- speed up your computer software.
    1. Most are false, contain viruses, or are not proper for your computer’s settings.
  8. Thou shall not store original files on external hard drives… Only backups.
    1. External hard drives fail with no warning, great for backups, not for original data.
  9. Thou shall never ever allow children or strangers access to your business computer.
    1. Viruses, accidents, and other potentially hazardous things can happen.
  10. Thou Shall find a Tech you trust before it is too late.

I add this last part because part of the ability to ward off all the threats mentioned above is to have someone you trust to talk to before it is too late. Someone who can give you the tools to defend yourself from your life or business being wiped away. Gone is the time when the computer was a hobby or a fad. We now liv our lives on the computer. Don’t Blow it!

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