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Remote Services

This page is for customers looking for Remote Management Services. We do the following:

  • Monitoring & Remote Access - Monitor your computers physical health!
  • Managed Antivirus - Viruses report to our office from your computer!
  • Remote Backup - Something everyone should be doing

Why Remote Service?

Why Choose remote services?

  • Generally Quicker service, no travel time
  • Cheaper, no travel fees, less expensive per hour
  • After hours maintenance saves hours of down time
  • Scans which take hours can be started and returned to for results
  • Management software reports to us viruses and system problems
  • Management allows familiarity which speeds repairs

Why MD of the PC for remote service?

  • in business since 1999
  • One man business so you know who is accessing
  • Trusted by Credit Unions, large businesses, great reputation
  • My knowledge goes beyond computer repair
  • Network Admin, programmer, MS certified, A+ Certified, Network+ Certified

Read more about the different services I perform by clicking the above links. We can offer any level of service that you need and even work with other techs to better serve your needs.

Managed AntiVirus Chat

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MD of the PC
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Bus Phone 978-827-6570