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Welcome to MD of the PC

When your computer is ill... Call the MD of the PC!

Remote Management

Remote Antivirus

We provide 24/7 remote monitoring of your computer's health. Just what does that mean?

We do not monitor your personal use of the computer, we instead monitor the state of your processor, memory, hard drive, and check for a host of hardware and software errors to ensure you are getting the most from your computer. We can discover problems before they start to affect you, potentially saving you from high repair fees and data loss.

We at the MD of the PC want to see you protected as best we can. Because of this, we are offering a new service that allows us to virus protect your computer from our office. For the price some anti-virus companies charge for their products, we not only provide the software, but also the expertise to monitor it as well

We can advise you on what to do should something strange happen to your computer. We can run virus checks and deal with viruses when they are found. Gone is the day you get an obscure virus warning that you do not know how to handle. Let us help. On top of the virus protection, you also get 15 free minutes of our Help Desk support and Computer Monitoring Service to really protect your computer. All for just $60.00 a year!

Managed Antivirus

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