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Remote Backup (Managed)

We at the MD of the PC wish to offer you the best plan available to protect your computer. It provides Help Desk support, Computer Health Monitoring, Remote Virus Management, and Data Backup to our off-site facility. All data is transferred with 448-bit encryption and remains encrypted on our servers. The software backs up your files every day so that you will not lose important data. With this plan, you can backup 50 GB of data free, with only a minor charge of 50 cents for each additional gigabyte.

This is great for both start-up business and home users!


Let me introduce you to CrashplanPro. While your backups are backed up to the cloud, they are not going someplace invisible. Our techs monitor the backups as they occur.

We monitor the backups as they happen and can tell when things are not working properly. One of the most common problems with backup is that they fail and you have no idea. This way you have a dedicated tech to keep your backups safe.


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