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  • There are several tools in our repertoire for remotely accessing and maintaining our clients' systems. These remote tools are changing the way computers are maintained, allowing us to keep a close eye on your systems for reasonable prices. We provide and monitor Managed Antivirus, powered by VIPRE technology, through GFI.
  • NewEgg has a closer distribution center than my old hardware distributer and I   can usually get parts in a few days as opposed to a week.
  • This site is for customers who log in to their remote systems though mour service. If you have an account with us to log in to your computers remotely, this is the site you will use for remote access.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  • A great tool for removing harmful infections from your computer. We have found it to be a very successful at cleaning out malware. While it is not an antivirus replacement, it picks up the slack where most antiviruses leave off.
  • PayPal is a great way to make online purchases without having to expose important financial credentials like credit or debit cards to sites online. We use it for our own online purchases in the office, and PayPal also allows us to bill customers who wish to pay electronically.
  • This is what I think to be the best software out there to fight viruses. It is fast and complete. VIPRE is our prefered software for our services and maintenance plans.