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Welcome to MD of the PC

When your computer is ill... Call the MD of the PC!

Help Desk Support Page

Welcome to the Help desk service Page. Use this page to install MD of the PC Help desk software or explore the Help desk system.


Installing the Help Desk Basic (Copper Plan)

Installing the basic copper plan is free. With it you get a MD of the PC Icon that is in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. You can use it to request help from our techs, check out or web site and start a service connection to a tech. Regular fees are charged for service by a tech online. Regular fees are 75.00/hour. However we do not charge for time for scans that can be hours. We actually only charge for actual tech work hours which saves lots of money instead of watching scans run. The only requirement is you have to fill in the form below so we know who you are and how to contact you. We do not use this information outside of our service.

Install Help Desk Icon 

Help Desk software comes with no discounts, and no access to your computer unless you initiate it. Until first use we keep no records of your computer or settings. at the time of services request you must provide your contact information and billing info before service can begin.


Help Desk Request