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We all experience computer problems from time to time.  Before you call your tech support person, you can check the following tips and fix it yourself.  If your computer is still sick, call the MD of the PC.

Before you do anything else …

  1. Restart your computer.  Close any open programs and turn the computer off the proper way.  Wait 30 seconds and then re-boot.
  2. Regularly check for operating system updates.  Go to CONTROL PANEL, then SYSTEM AND SECURITY, and to WINDOWS UPDATE.  Forgetting to upload important updates can prevent your computer from operating at optimal levels.
  3. Printer won’t print?  If your problem is with your printer or another piece of hardware, switch it off and back on.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, Power off both devices and unplug printer to dump memory. If this does not work disconnect the device; wait a few minutes and reconnect it.  If still not working, it may need updated drivers and a full reinstall.
  4. If your computer is working s-l-o-w-l-y … if videos or websites seem to take forever to load, the problem may lie with your broadband connection, not the computer itself. You can run a speed test (  to see what your download and upload speeds are.  If the speeds seem OK, check to be sure you are not dowlonading or uploading inadvertently.  Check your system tray to see if a program is running in the background. 
  5.  Computer still running slow?  If the problem is your computer, check to see how much free space you have on your hard drive.  Windows needs room to create files when you system is running.  If your hard drive is near maximum capacity, your computer’s performance will suffer.Clear some space on your hard drive by trimming the number of programs that open at Start-Up and uninstall programs that you no longer use. Move Pictures to a separate drive or large files not being used. 
  6. Computer restarted during the night or … If your computer keeps restarting, it could be that you are getting the most current Windows updates, which may restart your computer during installation.  Sometimes a resttart can be caused by adware or a virus or an indication that your video card needs updating.  Be sure to call the MD of the PC to diagnose the problem.
  7. If pop-up ads on your desktop are the problem – even if you are not running a Web browser, the problem is likely to be installed adware – a program that displays unwanted advertising.  Sometimes you get a pop-up ad and a “warning” with an invitation to click for the solution to cleaning up your computer and getting rid of pop-up ads.  Most of these are scams to get you to sign up for their clean up applications.Instead, download a utility for removing all types of malware, like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free ( 
  8. If you can’t open an email attachment, you may not have the necessary software to view the file.  If for instance, you don’t have Adobe Reader,  you will not be able to view a PDF file.  However, you can download it free by going to
  9. If you have a new PC and one of your programs isn’t working, be sure the software is compatible with your operating system.  Older software might not function on a current Windows 8 and an ap created for MAC won’t run on your Windows PC.

If you come across a problem that you feel you can’t handle on your own, don’t hesitate to call a specialist.A professional tech support service can help you identify issues and how to address them before they become bigger problems.The MD of the PC can help.Call 978-827-6570 or email

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