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Windows 10 is here! And Beware!

I have attempted 2 computer conversions since windows 10 came out and both failed! The first one had a Cisco VPN client on it and it failed to install all my network adapters. The adapters were there but I could not find them in my connections! Nothing I did would work. Then when I went to go back to 8.1 it would not allow me so my system was down for a week till I decided to reload. To my surprise when I attempted to reload 8.1 from my recovery partition it reloaded 10 and it worked. Lost all my programs, but by then I was prepared for that.

The second computer did not surprise me as it had a small SSD drive and failed because it did not have enough room to create the recovery folder. This failure however recovered my old settings and I did not lose anything. The lesson here is do not expect the upgrade to go easy, and do not upgrade business systems unless you can afford to be down for a while fighting fires.

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