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When your computer is ill... Call the MD of the PC!

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MD of the PC
PO BOX 247
Westminster, MA 01473

Bus Phone 978-827-6570

When to call your Tech guy!

Business User:

  1. First find out if you need to tell your manager first before you seek help.
  2. Any time you physically move your computer
  3. Any time you permenantly trade computers with another employee.
  4. Any time a Employee leaves a business
  5. Any time a new employee is hired.
  6. When you receive popups when you are working, sooner the better!
  7. When you want to Update the computer.
  8. When e-mail fails to work. Call next day as servers fail.
  9. Questions of any kind involving computers.
  10. If you get an e-mail that is fishy.

Home Users:

  1. First sign of popups
  2. Your virus software reports a virus (Know what you have) there are many false popups that should be ignored.
  3. Your computer is slow or doing weird things.
  4. Once a year request a cleaning.
  5. You do not have malware protection.
  6. you want to change antivirus protection (most common mistake is add a new antivirus to an old one)
  7. Set up an E-mail program on your devices.
  8. Set up Kids account to protect your computer from viruses.
  9. Cannot connect to Internet. (Call provider first)
  10. Printer Issues

This is just a basic guide to let you know what issues should not be handled by yourself. Some can be handled remotely By our techs.


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