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When your computer is ill... Call the MD of the PC!

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Here is a list of things to help avoid viruses:

1) Do not open e-mail from people you do not know.
2) Never click links in an E-mail. Go to sites manually if possible.
3) watch for checkboxes in program downloads that install unwanted programs.
4) Avoid all toolbars except Yahoo, MSN, Google or other large corporate software.
5) Avoid installing programs from the internet unless you research it first, then verify the web site before downloading. i.e. Google Chrome site starts with ""
6) Scan all USB drives before doing anything else.
7) Beware of games on facebook or other networking sites.
8) Beware of Fix your computer or registry programs found on the Internet, always reseach first.
9) Us paid for Virus protection. (You get what you pay for)
10) Your single best protection from virus is a good backup.
11) Scan often
12) Also scan with anti Malware software like Malwarebytes.
13) keep your computer and Internet Explorer Updated with latest fixes even if you do not use it.
14) Never allow children to use business systems.

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