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Changing Technology

Every week seems to come out with something new. Phones, Computers, networking, or some new program or way of doing things. The computer went from a toy to critical equipment if all parts of life. Finance, Taxes, personal photos, college documents, wills, business documents, records receipts, and a host of other things we consider important. Yet we still refuse to backup our stuff. Protect our valuables. Owning a computer means responsibility. We are responsible to protect ourselves from viruses, criminals, enviromental disasters, etc. You should expect to pay some fees to keep your stuff safe.

As a computer tech, I see these things happen every day. It is not a matter of "If" but when you take the loss. The encryption virus can defeat every antivirus, the only answer is a everyday backup. You cannot have one without the other or it just is not enough. I provide both. Proven to save from the encryption virus. Take it from a veteran, save your data before the loss happens.

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