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Welcome to MD of the PC

When your computer is ill... Call the MD of the PC!

Data Recovery

When do you need Data Recovery?

  • Computer will not start because of Hard drive
  • Hard drive making noise

What to check for before bringing in?

  • Check for backups
  • Bring O/S if you want recovery of computer
  • Bring USB or other device to put data "on". Otherwise hardware fees may apply

Things to know before you bring Computer or Drive

  • Cost to attempt $60 up front, whether successful or not.
  • Additional cost for External hard drive to put data on.
  • 50% recovery rate at this level
  • next level is to send to clean room to open drive $750-2,000.00
  • Drive or computer must be picked up or call for drop off 978-827-6570.

If this recovery attempt fails, there is still the possibility of recovering your data by sending it out to be cracked open and recovered directly off the drive. This however can be very expensive. In the hundreds to thousands of dollars. We have the contacts to send out the drives for this kind of recovery.

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MD of the PC
PO BOX 247
Westminster, MA 01473

Bus Phone 978-827-6570