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Welcome to MD of the PC

When your computer is ill... Call the MD of the PC!

Data Destruction Services

The MD of the PC provides industrial level destruction of data for home & business hard drives. We have the capacity of erasing data on older IDE/PATA hard drive by writing zeros to every sector of the drive, destroying any data lying hidden on the drive, waiting to stolen by hacker or espionage. For all drives, we will end the process with physical destruction of the hard drive platters themselves.

Businesses requesting a "proof of destruction" form will receive documentation of the destruction, giving the date, time, and serial number of the drive to show as proof of the destruction to official inquiry.


Cost of destruction is $20.00 per drive. Pickup service is available at an additional charge per hour travelled. Removal of drives from computers is an additional $10.00 per drive, and live removal from running production computers will incur higher fees.

Shipping Instructions

Drives may be shipped to us for bulk destruction, but consider drop off or pick up for the most sensitive data if you cannot afford loss in transit.

Ship to:
MD of the PC
243 Main Street
Gardner, MA 01440

Please include check for services and a return address if destruction forms ned to be returned.