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Custon Excel Solutions

Has your business ever had to deal with software that was too complicated? Applications that are confusing and hard to teach because they do not fit your business quite right? Accounting software that lacks the fields for the data you want? Need to keep your records portable? Have you ever wished you had software that allows you to share information easily between two companies? You might be a customer in need of the MD of the PC.

Our Capabilities

  • Customize Excel's behavior for your needs.
  • Allow Excel to inter-operate with other software.
  • Write scripts to boost employee productivity.
  • Scale up. Add features as your business grows.
  • Provide local, hands-on service if things go wrong.
  • Train employees on any of our customizations.

Microsoft Excel customization is our bread & butter. We have the capacity to write standalone applications in other environments as well, but for many businesses, it is most efficient and cost-effective to build upon the existing features of MS Excel. This is especially true if you already deploy Excel elsewhere in your business.

The MD of the PC has been writing customizations for Excel since 1999, using both MS Office's own Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Visual Basic in Visual Studio. We are currently making inroads to extend Excel with VB.NET as well. Our experience includes custom accounting applications, secured record-keeping, and industrial product label barcoding. We have created customer databases, shipping and receiving databases, quality control reporting software, and many other systems which work within or talk to Excel. From one-man operations to small businesses with over 50 systems, we have been developing solutions like these for over a decade, filling the niche between cookie cutter software and high end software consulting firms.


We can create any barcode, any shape or size, from a variety of data sources, formatted into printable labels you can use to track sales, shipments, or anything else you can imagine. We use Excel to create and load the forms and we use Wasp font-ware to create industry-standard barcodes. If your customers require barcodes with exact specifications, we can match it for you.


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