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Changing Technology

Every week seems to come out with something new. Phones, Computers, networking, or some new program or way of doing things. The computer went from a toy to critical equipment if all parts of life. Finance, Taxes, personal photos, college documents, wills, business documents, records receipts, and a host of other things we consider important. Yet we still refuse to backup our stuff. Protect our valuables. Owning a computer means responsibility. We are responsible to protect ourselves from viruses, criminals, enviromental disasters, etc. You should expect to pay some fees to keep your stuff safe.

As a computer tech, I see these things happen every day. It is not a matter of "If" but when you take the loss. The encryption virus can defeat every antivirus, the only answer is a everyday backup. You cannot have one without the other or it just is not enough. I provide both. Proven to save from the encryption virus. Take it from a veteran, save your data before the loss happens.

MD of the PC has a new offering.... NCentralMANet!

NCentralMANet is a network of computers and businesses linked by a common need for Security, Office 365, and Networking the businesses together with the software provided in 365 like Skype for business and Yelp!

Combining Managed Antivirus, computer monitoring, Full online backup and Office 365. We provide the small business with all the basic requirements to conduct your business on your computer.

Call Andy at: 978-827-6570 or e-mail

Updates and Windows 10

Understand that most problems can be solved by just rebooting your computer. Why? Because Windows 10 updates without your approval and sits in memory hogging it all until you do. They do not always notify you when it happens either, so do not be surprised if the reboot takes a long time as well. I suggest the average user reboot at least once a week to keep your system running cleanly.

When to call your Tech guy!

Business User:

  1. First find out if you need to tell your manager first before you seek help.
  2. Any time you physically move your computer
  3. Any time you permenantly trade computers with another employee.
  4. Any time a Employee leaves a business
  5. Any time a new employee is hired.
  6. When you receive popups when you are working, sooner the better!
  7. When you want to Update the computer.
  8. When e-mail fails to work. Call next day as servers fail.
  9. Questions of any kind involving computers.
  10. If you get an e-mail that is fishy.

Home Users:

  1. First sign of popups
  2. Your virus software reports a virus (Know what you have) there are many false popups that should be ignored.
  3. Your computer is slow or doing weird things.
  4. Once a year request a cleaning.
  5. You do not have malware protection.
  6. you want to change antivirus protection (most common mistake is add a new antivirus to an old one)
  7. Set up an E-mail program on your devices.
  8. Set up Kids account to protect your computer from viruses.
  9. Cannot connect to Internet. (Call provider first)
  10. Printer Issues

This is just a basic guide to let you know what issues should not be handled by yourself. Some can be handled remotely By our techs.


Need Help with your PC

Need Emergency Assistance for all Things PC Related?
Need Help?  Right Now?

When you have a technology problem that is holding you up or giving you grief, you want immediate assistance. Waiting is not only frustrating; it isdownright non-productive!

Before you do anything else, call your Tech for Help. If he or she provides Remote Assistance, you'll be directed to log onto the software application that allows your Tech to view your computer remotely from his or her location.


That may be what some people think when they are asked to give a Tech access to their computer. However, your emails and your documents are not of interest to your Tech. (Plus you and your Tech should have a trustbased relationship -- that is the first priority!)

He needs to get "into" your settings, your programs, and your apps to be able to diagnose the problem and do what needs to be done to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Remote Assistance is not only faster, it is also cost-effective. You don't need to disconnect your computer to bring it to a Tech and you are not paying for a Tech to come to your office to repair your computer.

Not all computer problems can be solved remotely, but the most common issues can be dealt with effectively by Remote Assistance:

* Software cleanup

* Software installs & un-installs

* Antivirus Repair

* Software Support

* Maintenance

* Network administration

* Monitoring

For more information about Remote Assistance, call the MD of the PC at 978-827-6570 or call first and then log into

Our clients know our relationship is based on trust and confidentiality.

We'll help get you connected so the "doctor" can see the "patient" right away!

Windows 10 is here! And Beware!

I have attempted 2 computer conversions since windows 10 came out and both failed! The first one had a Cisco VPN client on it and it failed to install all my network adapters. The adapters were there but I could not find them in my connections! Nothing I did would work. Then when I went to go back to 8.1 it would not allow me so my system was down for a week till I decided to reload. To my surprise when I attempted to reload 8.1 from my recovery partition it reloaded 10 and it worked. Lost all my programs, but by then I was prepared for that.

The second computer did not surprise me as it had a small SSD drive and failed because it did not have enough room to create the recovery folder. This failure however recovered my old settings and I did not lose anything. The lesson here is do not expect the upgrade to go easy, and do not upgrade business systems unless you can afford to be down for a while fighting fires.

Another sad story....

Another sad story about a person who did not have a backup and got the encryption virus. Imagine losing years of pictures, tax documents, legal documents, personal records, gone in a flash. I cannot stress this one message enough in today's world. The first best protection from viruses is a good daily backup of all your files. Then a good antivirus. You must have both or your swimming in a pool filled with sharks. Where the stakes are too high to lose!

blog post

We all experience computer problems from time to time.  Before you call your tech support person, you can check the following tips and fix it yourself.  If your computer is still sick, call the MD of the PC.

Before you do anything else …

  1. Restart your computer.  Close any open programs and turn the computer off the proper way.  Wait 30 seconds and then re-boot.
  2. Regularly check for operating system updates.  Go to CONTROL PANEL, then SYSTEM AND SECURITY, and to WINDOWS UPDATE.  Forgetting to upload important updates can prevent your computer from operating at optimal levels.
  3. Printer won’t print?  If your problem is with your printer or another piece of hardware, switch it off and back on.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, Power off both devices and unplug printer to dump memory. If this does not work disconnect the device; wait a few minutes and reconnect it.  If still not working, it may need updated drivers and a full reinstall.
  4. If your computer is working s-l-o-w-l-y … if videos or websites seem to take forever to load, the problem may lie with your broadband connection, not the computer itself. You can run a speed test (  to see what your download and upload speeds are.  If the speeds seem OK, check to be sure you are not dowlonading or uploading inadvertently.  Check your system tray to see if a program is running in the background. 
  5.  Computer still running slow?  If the problem is your computer, check to see how much free space you have on your hard drive.  Windows needs room to create files when you system is running.  If your hard drive is near maximum capacity, your computer’s performance will suffer.Clear some space on your hard drive by trimming the number of programs that open at Start-Up and uninstall programs that you no longer use. Move Pictures to a separate drive or large files not being used. 
  6. Computer restarted during the night or … If your computer keeps restarting, it could be that you are getting the most current Windows updates, which may restart your computer during installation.  Sometimes a resttart can be caused by adware or a virus or an indication that your video card needs updating.  Be sure to call the MD of the PC to diagnose the problem.
  7. If pop-up ads on your desktop are the problem – even if you are not running a Web browser, the problem is likely to be installed adware – a program that displays unwanted advertising.  Sometimes you get a pop-up ad and a “warning” with an invitation to click for the solution to cleaning up your computer and getting rid of pop-up ads.  Most of these are scams to get you to sign up for their clean up applications.Instead, download a utility for removing all types of malware, like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free ( 
  8. If you can’t open an email attachment, you may not have the necessary software to view the file.  If for instance, you don’t have Adobe Reader,  you will not be able to view a PDF file.  However, you can download it free by going to
  9. If you have a new PC and one of your programs isn’t working, be sure the software is compatible with your operating system.  Older software might not function on a current Windows 8 and an ap created for MAC won’t run on your Windows PC.

If you come across a problem that you feel you can’t handle on your own, don’t hesitate to call a specialist.A professional tech support service can help you identify issues and how to address them before they become bigger problems.The MD of the PC can help.Call 978-827-6570 or email

Windows 10 is comming!

I noticed a new icon in my bottom right corner of my screen. To my surprise I found a Request to pre-order windows 10. I clicked on it and did my part in pre-ordering the O/S. As a tech I need to see the process involved before my customers do. I offer caution before updating your business systems. You may have issues with important programs not yet updated for the new O/S?

I advise waiting a few months for the home users to try out the O/S before disrupting your business. Another concern is what Microsoft's plan for making money off the operating system of the future. While windows 10 is free now, I can see Microsoft charging a rental fee like they do for Office 365. So do not be surprised if this occurs a few years down the road.

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